inner eye


Inner Eye Yoga Products began in 2001.

Inspired by a course at the Bihar School of Yoga in India, and subsequent travel, I returned to Scotland keen to create a trataka stand that was easily adjustable, compact and portable. After experimenting with many different solutions, I settled on a design and produced the first 100 stands myself. As demand continued to increase I searched for a manufacturer.


The following year, while I was staying at the ashram, Swami Niranjanananda expressed his support for the trataka design, and also my intention to make yoga danda.


Several suppliers and many years later, I'm now happy to provide these newly produced Mk5 trataka stands, made in the UK, which are the most refined version to date.


Beautifully crafted Yoga Danda's made from Oak are also now available (hand-made to order).


Mala making continues; an instant attraction from the first moment I was introduced to the practice. I'm available to give workshops for beginners or more experienced groups, to promote mala making as a sadhana.


I currently live in County Tipperary, Ireland with my wife and family, where we run the Tipperary Yoga & Meditation Centre.


Thank you all for your support, Hari Om Tat Sat.

Sanyamatma (Andrew McNie) BA Hons – 3D Design Furniture/Product design