Japa Mala

Hari Om,

The wonderful repaired mala arrived in the post this lunchtime.  I am completely delighted with the result, many thanks for taking the time to do the repair and make suggestions about the colours of the tassel & the use of the 2 crystal beads. I do particularly like the colours in the tassel, which I would never have thought of.

It has been waiting for the right person to come along & do this for a long time & the result is perfect.

Om Shanti,



Hari Om,

yesterday I recieved the Beautiful wonderful Mala. I am so very happy with it. The smoothness of the beads, the coulour, the tassle, the knots, everything.
It even slept next to me last night :-D.

Thank you so very much,

Padma Shakti


Dear Sanyamatma,
I absolutely love this mala.  Your work is impeccable, clean, precise and mindful.  After exhaustive research into the online purchase of a mala, I knew that if I went with you the beauty of the art and craft was going to shine through.  The knowledge that you made it confirms my research and acts as a bellows upon my spiritual fire.  May God be with you always and forever.
Thank you,
Rachael Thomas

Hari Om
The malas have arrived and they are beautiful. What a great seva you have!!
Thank you so much all my students will be grateful to you.
Saving the world one mala at a time. Om Namha Shivaya my friend.
Peace and love Tim

Dear Sanyamatma,

The mala just arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous ! I am very happy with it. Thank you very much for this beautiful and carefully made object!  Now my fingers need to get used to it, but I guess it's only a matter of practice...
Many thanks,



Testimonial from Rich, UK:

After having a set of Rudraksha mala for many years which broke I had been looking for a long time for a quality replacement set. I looked all over the internet and could not find really good quality malas. I'm so glad I found Inner Eye Yoga and the custom malas offered. Sanyamatma has made the mala I got with great deal of care, attention and detail. Which makes all the difference when buying spiritual items I find.


Hari Om
Malas arrived today. Many thanks for your kind attention reflected in two beautiful pieces.
With gratitude,

Many thanks just received the mala complete with a lovely new tassel - thank
you. Such a good job, I am so pleased to have it done.
I think its a wonderful idea to repair existing malas as well as making new
Hari Om Tat Sat. Peace and Love


Dear Sanyamatma, Hari Om
Many thanks for the beautiful mala.  It truly feels to have been made with love.
Thank you, Om Tat Sat,


Hari Om Sanyamatma

I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to let you know that we received your very beautiful Mala.
It really is very beautiful.
I wanted one of the same for myself immediately!
Excellent transaction 100% feedback!



Many many many thanks, the mala is beautiful, couldn't imagine it being nicer! It's perfect around the wrist but a bit tight going over the hand but it will probably loosen with use! I'm very happy with it thank you so much!



Dear Sanyamatma,

I received my mala several days ago and truly love it!

The moment I opened the package and held the mala, the mindfulness that is woven deeply into the craftsmanship was evident.
Each and every detail is masterful, and the lotus seeds themselves are of highest quality.

I am grateful to be able to custom design and order my own sacred tool, and even more grateful for the artisan who creates them.

Be blessed, friend, as you have blessed me.



Dear Sanyamatma,

I received the mala bag, beautiful and amazing quality. Already putting it to good use. Thank you.

All the best,




I absolutely love my mala. Thank you so much. Delighted with the pattern and gorgeous beads. Thank you so so much. 

Have a fab weekend. I’ll be ordering again,



Trataka Stand

Hari Om Sanyamatma
I have just unpacked your sending.. And I am
standing in awe :) It is outstanding, a very fine piece
of work and inspiration. So simple, so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing
Om Tat Sat


W o w ! I am very impressed so far. Just got my order today. The products seem like artisanal grade. Thanks to all involved,


Hi Sanyamatma

I've got my stand now. 

It's beautifully engineered. 

Thanks for taking the time to produce these. It is abundantly clear that a lot of thought, care and attention has gone into the product. 

Great work! 


Hi Sanyamatma,

The tratak stand just arrived.
I've seen quite a few different tratak stands over time. This stand is beautiful, light, well crafted and a work of art.

Once again thank you



Dear Sanyamatma,

I am pleased to say I have received the stand and the bag this morning. I was very surprised how small the package was but it was due to the way the stand is designed, very clever. It was very easy to assemble. I am looking forward to using the stand as soon as I have found a suitable candle to use. Thank you for creating this product. 

Thanks again,




The stand is sleek, practical, well constructed and stable. Am looking forward to visiting it again tonight. Thanks, larry


Hari Om Sanyamatma, 

Just wanted to email you and let you know that the tratak stands and malas arrived a few days ago. I was amazed that you managed to fit the tratak stands into that tiny box with the malas, but when I opened the box I could see that it was due to the amazingly clever design of the tratak stands. These are the best tratak stands I’ve seen. Such a simple and functional design.  The malas are also of a high quality and I felt they were carrying a very good energy. The sandalwood smells great and I loved the colours and the evenly spaced beads. 

Thanks again, Mantrabindu


Hi Sanyamatma
Thanks again, I couldn't wait until her birthday to give her the trataka candle holder so I gave it to her last week.  She loves it and uses it almost daily which I figured she would.  I knew the extra time and effort to stack books, clear off the coffee table, and then put everything away deterred her from practicing.

John Fiore, USA

Hari Om
I received the Trataka stand today thank you very much, it really is lovely and elegant, looking forward to using it!
Om Tat Sat

Hari Om Sanyamatma
I did go to Swami Pragyamaurti's Centre and pick up the Tratak stand - it is indeed a very useful and beautifully designed product.
Namo Narayan


Thank you dear Sanyamatma:) and a lovely story attached:9
Trataka is now very comfortable with your beautiful stands:)
Love and light


Dear Sanyamatma,

I have received the trataka stand in good order. It is beautiful in it's simplicity.




Yoga Danda

Hari OM!

I received the package today. Thank you for such beautiful and high quality products. Most beautiful danda. Can't wait to try the trataka stand tonight!




Thank you for the beautiful danda it has arrived today. Beautiful workmanship it's just what I've been looking for!

Kind regards



My danda has arrived. Nice work!
Thank you sincerely.
Namah Shivaya


Dear Sanyamatma Prabhu,
the Danda arrived this morning and I am so delighted with it! Beautiful work and wood. It will be very useful to me. I belong to the Dzogchen Community which uses a Danda in some special practices and I had the thought that they may be interested in your work - you could give them a try:) Their email is office@dzogchen.it
Once again thank you so much.
Om Tat Sat


Dear Sanyamatma

The danda stick arrived safely today and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! I had no idea you were in Ireland. What a small lovely world.



Dear Sanyamatma
Thank you for your patience and beautiful work, my fellow disciple Chandres will
be delighted.  I will purchase the second danda as soon as possible but for now
I'm currently without funds.  I'm a musician so sometimes it takes a while for me to
find work.  The first danda I bought only cost $15.00 but wasn't anywhere near the
beauty of your work.  If you need to sell the danda, I understand but eventually I
will get a danda made by you.  As a musician (I have a degree in ethnomusicology) and
student of Nada Yoga, to be able to change the swara before both practice and performance
is a revelation.  And of course to control the swara during either Japa or pranayam is also a
must. So now I must purchase a danda, it has become as essential as my mala beads.
Sita, Ram